Estepona #waffles4life

On the way to Estepona from Jerez, Tarifa was the pit stop! It was the first time I’d seen clouds in over a week. Tarifa has a HUGE beach, famous for its wind sports. There were loads of kites but not many people on the sea! I took a picture for four girls, also on a road trip, looked like they were living their best life 😍

Estepona 😍 I love this place. It reminds me of my family. We visited here all together a few times. We would have waffles at this amazing place in the town centre and go to the beach. Which is exactly what I did with my couple of days on the coast! There were jelly fish in the sea though, not much swimming by me! I’m a massive scaredy cat 🐱

It was time to relax for a little while after all the walking around cities, churches and being followed by religious processions #thejuan.


Jerez #despacitoislife 👯‍♀️

Bornos reservoir was not far off route on the way to Jerez so had a quick pit stop there! It was pretty but not much other than the reservoir to see.

So I didn’t know what to expect from Jerez, other than loads of churches (standard)! When I arrived it turned out the place I was staying in was actually a converted distillery. It was beautiful! Jerez has so many and it’s famous for the wine production, mainly sherry.

So a walk around, some lunch, amazing prawn and pistachio croquettes 😍 sounds gross doesn’t it, was so good though! Had a little wander around and saw Tio Pepe’s distillery, famous sherry apparently 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Chilled out for most of the day, it was roasting hot again. Seems a common theme!! So decided to have a look around the town when it got dark! It was the best decision ever!! The church was all lit up!

But then what do you know it…. stumbled across a little fiesta in one of the plazas. It was amazing, completely authentic Spanish Saturday night. All dancing around, doing their best flamenco 💃🏻

I literally had to do a little squeal with excitement because Despacito came on!! Not Biebers version obviously 😂 (if only). And there’s a dance routine, who knew it! I was so happy 😁😊☺️

I had to FaceTime Ruth (my ginger sister) when the Spanish version of ‘achey breaky heart’ came on. She loved it. Took us back to our childhood when mum would put all her country music on and we would line dance 😂🤦🏻‍♀️. It was a great night anyway, watching the locals do what they do here in Spain, such a community, so sociable!

Had a great nights sleep, got up ready to leave Jerez and head to Tarifa and ahhh look another religious procession on our doorstep 😂. I feel like these are following me around Spain, my friend Aaron said maybe it’s because I’m ‘The Juan’. 😎

Seville – hot hot ☀️

Arrived in Seville to 35 degrees of pure heat! At first I was a bit skeptical, it looked a bit commercial driving in, a little bit dirty! Got to the b&b, they call them ‘pensions’. It was a lovely building, extremely basic inside though. It was fine for a couple of nights in Seville! The hosts were lovely, Italian speaking there best Spanish and English speaking their best Spanish…. pretty funny 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

I needed a drink and some food! Walked around the corner of the b&b to bustling streets, beautiful buildings. At the heart of the old town.

The first day was mainly walking around the huge Parque de Maria Luisa, stunning! 100 acres, trees with parrots in and lots of hidden gardens with fountains, after all it was once the gardens to a palace 😍 HUGE trees and drinking fountains. It was so hot, for an almost ginger freckly, hagrid haired girl especially! 😦

The Plaza de España in the Park was incredibly pretty. I love walking around it, making sure to stay in the shadows haha, I’m not a ninja, I just burn when I look at the sun! The buildings are mostly used by the government now but the location has been used for films and music videos, Star Wars and a Simply Red music video (I bet that ginge was wearing his factor 50 like me!).

Acoustics were incredible for this busker on his guitar…

So I stayed in Seville for 3 nights, which is why this is a long blog post… sorry 😐😏

Got a tour bus ticket just to get around really and try and see as much as possible. The cathedral was so pretty, lots of churches obvs and flamenco 💃

Loads of great food. Recommend a restaurant called Baratillo! Amazing food, very busy, very Spanish.

Baratillo was next to the Bull Ring… which leads me to a part I am going to title ‘Stupid Sal’…

I went to a bull fight not knowing they actually killed the bulls. I know, naive! So I went in, lovely building, great atmosphere, had some almonds and a cerveza 🍺! The matadors had their fancy, jazzy, butt hugging outfits on… the bulls came out, chased the matadors for a bit and then…. WTF, the bad stuff started. Not going into it, it’s not good. Don’t go! I know it’s traditional and part of their culture… but yeah, no! I really wanted the matador to get battered a bit!

Moving on.

That evening, after the horrible bull fight, Baratillo cheered me up and then to make it even better. Walking down the river there was a small fiesta called ‘Vela de San Miguel’. Amazing flamenco and people just having fun, eating, drinking and dancing. I love Spain for this, so sociable.

Walking to get a taxi to the strange sports uni hotel I had for the last night just out of town… and there was a fun run going on! At 10:30pm 😂

Gosh, so much going in Seville, definitely needed more than 1 night there!

On top of all this, I bought a really cool Jurassic Park t-shirt (nerd), I went to a couple of museums and whilst eating chilli garlic prawns… almost died from the ridiculously hot bloody chilli they put in it!!!

I loved Seville. So beautiful. On to Jerez!

Carmona quick coffee stop!

Enroute from Córdoba to Seville… I bring to you CARMONA 💛💛

It’s a beautiful white town that I spent a couple hours in, walking around in 30 degree heat 😂😎. It was bustling first thing, but soon quietened down as everybody went about their day.

Great views and loads of churches (obviously).worth a stop if you’re not far!

Met a kitten called Tino, Tina’s Spanish cousin 👇🏻 on to Seville…

Cordoba 💛

So I started the day off leaving Granada with a MASSIVE pan au chocolat! Or as I like to call them, chocolate pain…stolen from my besties daughter, Sophie 😍. Proof 👇🏻

Got to Cordoba and checked in at the next hotel! A man called Fernando… he was clearly a bit drunk and had just woken from his siesta. He was so lovely, he reminded me of Jack Black’s character From the film Nacho Libre! 😂. The hotel was again basic but lovely and full of character and hilarious family photos. Right next door to the Mezquita and a couple of minutes from the bridge!

Walked to the Mezquita and paid to get in. Went to get an audio guide, €1.50 for every other language but English, €4.50 for mine. Hmm 🤔! The Mezquita was beautiful, another Mosque turned Cathedral! Amazing arches! And over 30 little chapels inside.

Ahh the streets of Córdoba were so pretty. The food was fantastic. I had tapas, an ongoing theme for my meals in Spain because I can’t decide on just one dish! #greedy 😎

I got tickets to the Alcazar (aka Castle) for an evening light show, it was only €6 so I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular but it was so hot that a nighttime visit seemed perfect! Had some good food and a wander around.

The light show was great… projections on the white walls of the Alcazar and then fountain shows around the castle grounds 😍

Another 10 miles of walking around in beautiful Córdoba 😍😍 I’d go back to Leicester having lost so much weight if only I wasn’t gorging on tapas and pastries daily! #fatbastard 😂 🙋🏻‍♀️

Granada & Alhambra 😍

So I made it to Granada… the hotel room was basic but nice! The view was great…

It was central and not far from the Alhambra! We booked a tour for the Alhambra… she was great her name was Virgina The Super Nerd (I made the last bit up).

The Alhambra was breathtaking! Everyone should try and go! 😍 Back in the day (ages ago) it was all white but now it’s a red colour, which is strange because Alhambra translates as ‘The Red One’ because it was built for a ginger. I’ve decided to call my ginger sister Ruth ‘Alhambra’ from now on.

The Alhambra is MASSIVE. It’s mainly palaces and gardens for the fancy folk, but thousands of people lived within its walls! Ah it was so hot that day, in the 30’s again. I had my factor 50 on though. #frecklewoes

Walked around 10 miles at the Alhambra and Granada. Was worth it though!! Went for a stroll in the evening to eat paella and an amazing Ferraro Roche ice cream 😍 Granada at night is gorgeous! Absolutely knackered after all that… tomorrow is Cordoba!

Guadix – Cave girl

Nicest place I’ve stayed so far on this Andalusian road trip, a cave town called Guadix in the Granada.

It was super flippin hot! 32 degrees for this freckly thing 😮!! The cave was really nice, very Moorish.

Had a wander around in that heat looking at all of the touristy bits, caves,churches and a Moorish Fortress. Visited a bar, well, it was a selection of chairs next to a church, with a waiter and a very drunk one armed man I am going to call Juan!

Went back to the cave and heard fireworks at about 7? It was pure sunshine outside so I wasn’t sure what was cracking off. Walked back into town and saw a religious procession, it was celebrating when the Christians took Guadix over from the Muslims back in 1489 (I think)!

I plonked myself at a bar, bought a beer and loads of tapas followed for free! I liked this bar! Also, Juan turned up! (Highlight!)

Every time I bought a drink… more tasty food followed! I officially loved Guadix!

I woke up the next day… needed passcode which I’d recently changed on my phone, shit!!! Forgot that! 😩 Apple was store 2 hours away and I couldn’t get into my phone… anyway to cut a very long and painful story short, I don’t have my phone for a while whilst they recover it! (Apple are absolute shit).

My dad is probs reading this… sorry about the swearing pops but I think you may use the same word! 😘

Anyway…. Alhambra awaits.

Day 1 – Malaga. What a twat

Flight was alright at first, only row to have an empty seat and so felt quite lucky. Surrounded by babies though, it wasn’t actually them that bothered me as much as the chav mother behind me. She seemed to have a fascination with her tray table which was behind my head. Her mate came to talk to her and liked leaning on my chair. What a twat. I stuck my headphones in and binged ‘Maniac’ on Netflix. 👍🏻👌🏻

Got to Malaga, quickly got our bags and made it to the car hire place. Dead efficient! Hired a BMW…. got a Skoda Octavia. Ah well it’s actually quite nice… it’s brown though 🤮

Got to our Airbnb. Nobody there to greet us. No answer on the phone. Got an email from Southa whilst we were on the flight, an hour before we were due to get there… she cancelled our booking. What a twat!

Drove around Malaga, calling all the Hotels… fully booked apart from one. Double the price but it was past midnight. Had a great maccy d’s after trying about 6 eateries which had ‘just closed’.

Got into the hotel, both toiletry bags had a leakage from shampoos 😾 I was about to crack.

I went to sleep! Woke up to sunshine and went to the beach for breakfast! I ate a smurf… its literal translation – ‘pitufo’. It was delicious and a lovely coffee 💛

On the way to Granada now to stop in a cave! I’m writing yesterday OFF 😊

Bears Taxi

I just wanted to recommend the Bears Taxi service. They start off by teaching you how to speak Spanish, they giggle their heads off. They move on to pick their noses, crying because they hit one another and then they try and put a spell on you.

Call 0800-HELP-ME

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